About Mark Kraus


I am an IT Professional in the Dallas, TX area with two decades of IT related experience. I'm currently employed as a Lead IT Solutions Architect for a ~5500 employee telecom company. I attended DeVry University pursuing a B.S. in Networking and Communications Management. I have always run an IT consultancy v-corp as a side gig under the name Mark E. Kraus Consulting.


My current role is in IT Solutions Architecture within the Microsoft stack at Mitel. I identify areas of improvement in our IT environment and then design and implement solutions to address them.

Previous to Mitel's acquisition of Mavenir I served as Senior IT Systems Administrator and Support Specialist where I was responsible for the IT operations of the Americas region. After the acquisition, I worked on a team as a principal engineer for migrating from our shared Exchange environment on Intermedia to Office 365.

Before Mavenir I worked for 1-800-HOSTING as a Senior Systems Administrator. I was responsible to the operations and maintenance of all company servers as well as all managed services.

Programming Languages 

I have worked extensively with PowerShell, Python, and Bash. I have worked projects involving PHP and SQL of multiple flavors. I have never worked exclusively as a programmer, but I have always been a hobby programmer since middle school. For fun I have written in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PERL, VB, C, C++, and C#. I have even made some hacks to Linux kernels and BSD boot loaders for work and grins.

Personal Info

I'm Male, in my 30's, never married, no kids and completely happy being single and childfree. My hobbies beyond programming are watching Anime and Playing video games. I have watch a very large number (186 viewing days worth) of Anime of all genres. I love a game with a good story and have almost 500 hours logged in Skyrim.

You can find me in the /r/PowerShell subreddit where I am active. I am also a mod for /r/DeepIntoYouTube and the creator of the mod bots.