Teach Splating or Die!


This post is directed at mentors, trainers, documentation authors, and forum/chat helpers in the PowerShell community. This post is not a tutorial on splatting. I think the topic of splatting has been covered very well by many others.

I am imploring those of you in the PowerShell community to teach splatting early and often. By early, I mean it should be covered in the first few lessons of any 101 materials. By often, I mean that you should stop using backticks and consider using splats for any thing that uses 3 or more parameters.

I have had many discussions with many community leaders over the years and I'm a bit disappointed in the general aversion to teaching splatting as a part of introductory PowerShell. I have heard endless excuses that all sound like "my students are stupid" in my head. I'm sure many of you are making such arguments with the kindest of intentions, but I can't help but think you are insulting PowerShell novices.

I hope this blog post can assist in changing your mind and provide some guidance on how to approach teaching the subject early and often.