PowerShell Core 6.1 Web Cmdlets Roadmap



Recently the PowerShell Team published their PowerShell Core 6.1 Roadmap. Several questions have come up about 6.1 plans for Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-RestMethod. You may have noticed there is no mention of the Web Cmdlets in their roadmap. That is because the majority of the feature work for the cmdlets is being done by yours truly. As I am a community member and not a Microsoft employee, it would make sense that my work is not included in their blog. Anyway, I felt it was a good idea to share what I have in store for the next 6 months.

I should warn that this is more accurately called "Mark Kraus's PowerShell Core 6.1 Web Cmdlets Wish List" rather than a roadmap. I only have 2 features that are pretty much approved. The rest will depend on whether or not the changes actually get accepted. Also, I'm not part of any team working on this. It's just me and the issue queue back log of feature requests and bugs. If your company wants to hire me to work full time on the Web Cmdlets, then hit me up. Otherwise, this is all a side project for me and life happens. So please don't hold me to any deadlines! :)