Call For Presenters: The PowerShell Conference Book Volume 2


Calling All PowerShell and DevOps Authors, Presenters, Bloggers, and Enthusiasts!

The Call for Presenters (authors) is open for “The PowerShell Conference Book: Volume 2” until Friday May 31 at 11:00 PM EST. We are looking for one chapter per author on the topics of PowerShell and DevOps. All proceeds for the book will go to the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit OnRamp Scholarships.
Those interested should submit a chapter abstract to the PSConfBook 2 CFP form at http://bit.ly/PSConfBook2CFP before the deadline. Authors may submit multiple abstracts, but only one abstract per author will be selected for inclusion in the book.

About Volume 2

“The PowerShell Conference Book: Volume 2” will continue the tradition of Volume 1 and act like a conference in a book. It will contain all new chapters and is not just a new edition. Each chapter will be written by a different author. Topics will cover PowerShell, DevOps, and WinOps at levels ranging from novice to expert. The authors will be a mix of well known community members, new faces, bloggers, authors, trainers, and presenters. We are especially interested in expanding our diversity and inclusion. I am personally interested in seeking chapters to be written by previous OnRamp and scholarship recipients.
Everyone has something to share that everyone can learn from!
100% of proceeds will go to the OnRamp scholarship program. The editors and authors will only be compensated with a complimentary e-copy of the book. The true payment will come in the knowledge that sharing knowledge has helped not only those it has been shared with, but to new and diverse professionals awarded OnRamp scholarships!

About Volume 1

The proceeds “The PowerShell Conference Book: Volume 1” successfully in funded 3 OnRamp Scholarships for 2019. Ongoing purchases have funded 1 scholarship for 2020 and will continue to fund additional 2020 scholarships (and beyond). Volume 1 is and will continue to be available on LeanPub and proceeds will continue to fund the OnRamp scholarship program. For those who must have a printed copy, one is available for purchase on Amazon. Printed copies cost more to produce and thus provide less funding to the OnRamp scholarship program, so please consider an e-copy for maximum impact!

About the Editing Staff

For Volume 2, Michael T. Lombardi heads the editing staff. Michael was on the editing staff for Volume 1 and worked diligently to bring the book to publication.
New to the editing staff this year is Paula Kingsley and myself.
One of our more interesting goals this time around is to apply DevOps practices to our editing process iterating on the lessons learned form Volume 1 and applying automated Literate CI/CD Pipelines to the authoring and editing process.
I’m personally super stoked about this project! I assisted with some of the editing process last year, specifically with page layout and markdown troubleshooting. I found the whole process very interesting and I was really excited when Michael asked if I would be interested in editing this volume!